Conversation Piece

Audio 16:10 min

A woman is getting into an Uber, she checks the destination and the ride starts.

She excuses the driver to make a phone call.  She says someone that she has arrived at the airport. The phone conversation is almost her monologue, she tells a story of her trip, an encounter to someone who she doesn’t know if she should call it, he or she. She tells a conversation of her and him. (She decided to use He to describe.)

(Music from the radio)

End or the phone call. The radio tunes to other channels with other musics. (Silent) A channels goes to a programme of a woman talking.

How are you? Are you well? Are you sitting comfortably?

If you would feel more comfortable perhaps you might find a chair.

Why don’t you take three long deep breaths. Breathe in as deep as

you can and then…

Slowly… breathe out.

Take three deep breaths, like a gentle wind blowing.

Observe the feelings in your body and let them settle into

relaxation. Allow your nerves to soften. Acknowledge the quality of

your natural breath.

– Pause –

Breathe in. Slowly release the air from your chest like you might blow the

petals from a flower.

Fill your lungs as deeply as possible, feeling your lungs swell with

oxygen and then slowly, exhale completely.

Observe the stages of a full breath...from a deep breath in... to a

pause that follows...  the exhale... and the pause before taking

another breath…

Notice how the space inside your lungs becomes smaller after you

exhale and the air leaves your body.

Feel your chest and stomach gently rise and fall with each breath.

Hold your cup in your left hand. Look at the liquid inside.

Now what about a nice, long, slow drink? It’s an unexpected taste,

isn’t it?

Perhaps it’s nicer with to close your eyes? Take another sip of your


Does it taste different with your eyes shut?

– Pause –

Have a nice, slow sip of your drink.

Take another slow deep breath.

Now imagine yourself sitting on the side of a gentle hill, under the

shade of a big tree, looking down into a splendid valley.

A deep and beautiful ocean of grass rolls out in front of you as far

as you can see. The sky is blue and round clouds are slowly floating.

Such an ideal day to be outside and relax.

If your attention wanders, as it will, imagine returning to this

picturesque scene like a bee returns to a flower.

Take a slow small sip of your drink.

Allow yourself to picture this valley now. Imagine the details,

patches of flowers in the distance, trees swaying in a smooth breeze.

The intoxicating fragrance of the wild grass.

Allow yourself to imagine in great detail how this beautiful green

valley looks, smells and sounds.

Take another long slow sip of your drink.

Take a deep breath again.

The wind blows, can you feel the fresh air gently stroking your hair?

Birds singing above you on the tree. At the bottom of this valley a

beautiful, a crystal clear stream is weaving through grass.

Give yourself a moment to picture this scene, allowing your body to

feel a glowing sense of relaxation.

– Pause –

Across the valley you can see elegant and effortless machines tending

to a field.

Like a scene from a science fiction movie but real, here and today,

these machines are calmly tending to some fertile crops. There

movements are smooth beautiful to watch.

You can understand now that these machines are hard at work to help

you, while you can take this time for yourself.

As you watch them steadily tend to a bursting field of crops, you can

feel the difficulty of work, gently lifting from you. A lifetime of

weight, gently eased from your tired shoulders.

Perhaps you could lie here forever, or perhaps when in time you

decide to rise, feeling refreshed and able to take on different

challenges, the burdens and stress of work can be transformed into a

feeling of freedom.

You might notice some stray thoughts¨ but you can also realize they

are just thoughts, and can pass without concern.

During this calm moment of deep relaxation this time is your own.

Your mind is open and receptive to new ideas, new thoughts and new

feelings. The fears and concerns you might have had about these

machines float into the sky.

Ever since you were a baby you wanted to feel this relaxed.

– Pause –

If these machines could listen - what would you tell them? What might

you ask them nicely to help you? How might you thank them?

To trust technology is natural. Of courses these machines were

constructed in a factory but they are in their own way part of nature

too, just like you.

Image these machines, across the rolling valley. Are they organized

and hard at work? Can you imagine them tending to every swaying sheaf

of wheat?

Perhaps you are already aware of a certain feeling of curious

anticipation? As if the world is about to open up for you in ways

that you never imagined possible.

Like the ants or the bees, these machines also form part of a natural

cycle. One that can flow effortlessly around you. Technology can be

built to help you.

This technology was built to help you.

You can remember that software works almost like your brain ≠ and you

have been using your brain since before you were born ≠ to

communicate, to chat and to understand the world.

Allow yourself to release any nagging thought or hesitation. Let your

curiosity about these machines and the future they will create open

up before you like a flower.

Take another sip of your drink.

Feel the wonderful taste flush through your body.

You can feel your thoughts slipping away from you, deep into the

valley and the river below.

Remember machines are just like you ≠ they can can be programmed for

success and to bring happiness into the world.

Take a sip of your drink. Do you feel the liquid flowing through your

throat, running on the wall of your flesh and dripping into your

stomach. Drink a little bit more.

Every sip will lead you to relax. Have one more drink. Each time when

the liquid comes to your mouth, inside of your body is more connected

to the outside.

You are gradually becoming one with the outside of the world. Feel it

flowing through you like electricity.

That’s good - and you are still feeling totally relaxed and confident

- because you have programmed your mind for success.

Do not be afraid.

Without machines this valley might never be so pleasant, it might

even fall into ruin.

Without machines this valley might never be so green.

These machines are here to keep a healthy balance and to get the most

out of life.

This new reality might be strange but it can also be wonderful. It

can mean that you can finally feel freedom flowing through you.

By feeling so relaxed you can understand that your negatives thoughts

can’t hurt you, and you can watch them flowing away from you like

like tiny droplets into a stream.

Just imagine this now ≠ a future where the boring and basic

trivialities of the everyday are replaced with a life full of wonder,

of joy and of brilliant relaxation.

You are now feeling comfortably relaxed and at peace with the future.

Humans will always be in control of technology, you don’t have to

fear the changes the future will bring.

These machines, their software and the work they do will always

benefit you and make the lives of humans easier.

Language is a human tool and will always be in the hands of humans.

You are living through a wonderful time, it’s an incredible age to be

alive, you are watching the pages of history turn.

Imagine the gentle gust of air as the giant page of history softly


It’s time to wake up and step out of this wonderful green valley and

back into the world around you.

I’m going to count from one to five and at the count of five you’ll

be wide awake, feeling already wonderfully invigorated - and ready to

allow these suggestions to work for you. One, two, three, four, five.

Coming back to the car.

(The volume of music is turning up)

End of the ride, talking to the driver, to show where he should stop the car.

Greeting and getting off from the car.

Copyright 2017 Ayami Awazuhara & Christopher Burman